Maria Flores

Maria Flores that Villanueva oficiase wedding, himself or Jose Maria Flores, the Manager, had to request it as well. Already this week he had left a photograph of Vice-Mayor with Miguel Angel Flores, brother of Maria Jose and owner of Diviertt. Villanueva had said that only had a relationship of knowledge since flowers that had coincided in a public ceremony. On Tuesday, the Ayuntamiento of Madrid announced that they will sue the company for lying. Chronology of research Who’s who in the tragedy of the Madrid Arena.

The current Vice Mayor of Madrid, Miguel Angel Villanueva, was who married last year to Jose Maria Flores, brother of Miguel Angel Flores, who are sole administrator and owner of Diviertt, the promoter of the macrofiesta of Halloween in the Madrid Arena, which resulted in four deaths, according to La Gaceta and El Mundo. Jose Maria Flores was who signed the contract with Madrid Espacios y Congresos for rental of the Madrid Sand. Last week it came to light a photograph of Villanueva with Miguel Angel Flores, but number two Ana Botella said before the cameras of the sixth had only a relationship of knowledge with him, due to who had coincided at some public events. However, the fact that oficiase the wedding does not indicate the same thing. Usually the person who officiates wedding in Madrid is the Councillor for district, except that the person who is going to enter into marriage or the own officiant ask not so due to a relationship of friendship. When flowers wedding occurred, Villanueva was Councillor of economy and not a district, so he or flowers had to ask that it was he who oficiase the wedding. On Tuesday, Villanueva said they would denounce Diviertt since they had lied to the city of Madrid. See more: the Madrid Vice-Mayor married to the sole administrator of Diviertt

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